Raising awareness of the benefits of certification and assurance services


Business benefits of accredited certification

Business benefits of accredited certification

Accredited certification to a management system benefits businesses in numerous ways. Risk mitigation is one of the key attractions. Great assurance comes when a respected, independent, accredited organisation provides certification to a management system.

With an IIOC member providing independent certification to internationally recognized standards – themselves built by a carefully managed consensus process – and then accredited by an accreditation body, customers, clients and stakeholders are benefiting from a highly robust and tested system of assurance.

Greatly improved operational efficiency can be another welcome outcome. And greater efficiency means better performance, less waste, lower costs and greater profitability. Once certified, management systems can provide a welcome boost to a business’ bottom line.

One example of this can be seen in how ISO 9001 can improve the efficiency of the supply chain, an issue covered in ISO’s ISO 9001 – What does it mean in the supply chain?

A range of case studies from companies certified by IIOC members illustrates these benefits.

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  • Bureau Veritas Certification  – Read case studies on the Bureau Veritas Certification website.
  • LRQA – Read customer case studies on the Lloyd’s Register website.
  • SAI Global – Read about how SAI Global has enabled its clients to succeed – how SAI Global has helped its clients to succeed.
  • SGS – How SGS has helped its customers to overcome their challenges – read SGS client testimonials.
  • TÜV SÜD – TÜV SÜD customers show how they create increased safety, add economic value and strengthen competitive advantage.