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DNV GL 2018 results

IIOC member DNV GL saw a 1% increase in revenue in 2018 to NOK 19639m. Within this, Business Assurance contributed NOK 3645m, an increase over 2017 of 11%. The Business Assurance performance is noted in the Board of Directors’ Report as, ‘the main engine for growth in 2018’.

The 2018 DNV GL Annual Report goes into further detail on Business Assurance:

‘(DNV GL) strengthened our position as a leader in management system certification, supported by the transition to the new versions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We successfully helped customers transition to the new ISO standard versions by the September deadline. Our customers tell us, through our ViewPoint Espresso Survey, that they have derived specific benefits and value by implementing the new requirements in the new versions of the standards.

We are growing our overall market position and continuing our dedicated work to innovate and digitalize processes and audit tools in order to become more efficient and drive additional value for our customers from the certification process. This includes further advancing our audit methodology Risk Based Certification™ by developing a digital focus area library and implementing this into our auditing tools.

The focus area library helps our customers identify areas of importance for their business strategy and we then focus the audit on these. It also allows us to analyse the performance of specific focus areas across the customer base, using our performance benchmarking tool Lumina™.’

Full details of DNV GL’s 2018 performance can be viewed here.

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