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IIOC partners supporting accreditation certification during COVID-19 pandemic

The delivery of robust certification needs the backing of a range of independent and inter-dependent organisations. During the COVID-19 period of so many aspects of heightened uncertainty, the value of, and reliance in, the assurance of conformity assessment such as accredited certification are both raised.

With this comes great responsibility for all aspects of the conformity assessment network.

To start, IIOC members have two clear objectives during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. the safety of everyone involved in the system, deliverers and customers
  2. maintaining the integrity of the work.

These two issues are explored in this IIOC statement. Through the use of remote techniques, IIOC members are able to deliver against these two leading objectives. More details of  these remote techniques being carried out by IIOC members are found here with links to individual IIOC members’ remote auditing.

Accreditation is a vital foundation block for robust certification and as with certification, the accreditation community has stepped up to adds it key support during these exceptional circumstances, with IAF at the forefront of this. The International Accreditation Forum has produced a range of communication to demonstrate its commitment to the maintenance of its activities and those of its accreditation body members.

Vital strength in the accredited certification system also comes from the range of ISO CASCO standards in the ‘CASCO toolkit’. These standards involve many different aspects of conformity assessment, involving accreditation, certification, the work of both accreditation and certification bodies and the competency of people delivering these different elements. CASCO has made this statement on COVID-19  and this link provides more details on CASCO activities and the conformity assessment tools.

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