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IIOC statement on crisis in Ukraine

IIOC and its members are shocked by the escalating conflict in Ukraine and the growing humanitarian crisis affecting the wider region. IIOC stands by the people of Ukraine in this most troubling of times for them.

The IIOC members are currently working to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their people in the region and are doing everything they can to support them, their contractors, customers and stakeholders.

The IIOC members are reviewing the impact of the crisis on their ability to serve their customers in Russia, whilst supporting international sanctions and complying with the requirements of regulators and accreditation bodies.

IIOC and its members will continue to work with its partners to be able to achieve this, ensuring priority is given to protecting people and then ensuring appropriate actions around certification and other help IIOC members provide.

IIOC and its members are closely following the ever-evolving situation and will update our response accordingly.

If any customers or others have any questions for IIOC members, they are encouraged to contact them through the usual communication channels.

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