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Intertek post 2018 half-year results with revenue up 3.9%

IIOC member Intertek post 2018 Half-Year results, with revenue up 3.9% at constant currency at £1,348 million.

Within these results, the Products division posted an, ‘excellent performance’ up 6.4% at constant currency.

Business Assurance is reported within the Products Division with the first half of 2018 described as, ‘strong organic growth’, set to continue for the second half of 2018. The growth drivers for Business Assurance are stated as, ‘Increased focus of corporations on supply chain and risk management’, ‘ISO standards upgrades’ and ‘Increased consumer and government focus on ethical and sustainable supply’.

A full report of Intertek’s 2018 Half-Year results are available here, with a video presentation also available.

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