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Energy Management ISO 50001

Energy Management ISO 50001

One of the newest management system standards, ISO 50001 is already building a reputation as an invaluable tool for organisations to manage their energy useage. Helping organisations manage and reduce their energy useage delivers the twin benefits of cost reduction and reduced carbon footprint. ISO explain more about this highly significant management system standard.

Energy management accredited certification provided by IIOC members

ABS QE provide ISO 50001 certification in their sustainability portfolio, aiming to improve the sustainability performance of organsiations.

BSI show how ISO 50001 will help you to understand your baseline energy usage, create action plans, targets and energy performance indicators as well as identify, prioritise, and record opportunities for improving energy performance.

Bureau Veritas discuss how Management Systems provide continuous improvement in the fields of Quality, Environment and Safety. This concept has now been applied to improve energy use; ISO 50001 is the new global standard for Energy Management.

DEKRA discuss how, as businesses become more environmentally aware and energy costs continue to rise, there’s a need for a cost-effective way to demonstrate that you’re committed to making effective use of energy. ISO 50001 is currently the best way to do this, providing a robust framework for optimising energy efficiency in public and private sector organisations.

DNV Business Assurance explore how certification to the ISO 50001 standard ensures that your organisation has a healthy energy management system, reducing energy consumption, environmental impact and increasing profitability.

Intertek are fully accredited to offer third-party certification to the ISO 50001 standard by the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC). Since 2006, they have provided certification to EN 16001 and the Swedish national energy management standard and are able to bring this experience to all of our clients globally.

LRQA show how ISO 50001 establishes a framework for industrial plants, commercial, institutional, and governmental facilities as well as entire organisations to promote energy management best practices and reinforce good energy management behaviours.  The standard offers guidance on benchmarking, measuring, documenting and reporting energy improvements and projected greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

SGS show how to demonstrate that your organisation has completed a baseline of energy use and is committed to continuously improving its energy intensity with an ISO 500001 compliant sustainable energy management system.

TÜV SÜD certification of energy data management systems creates transparency – for you as a vendor, and for your future customers. With the establishment of “Energy Management Systems” in accordance with the EN ISO 50001 standard, this transparency becomes even more important.