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ISO 9000: marketing motivations and benefits

International Journal of Quality & Reliability Mgt

With input from over 1200 firms based in the north-west of England, ‘ISO 9000: marketing motivations and benefits (Buttle, 1997) gives clear insight into the reasons for firms seeking certification and the value they perceive they have achieved from the certification.

The main conclusion was ‘outcomes related to profitability and process improvement were more highly valued than marketing benefits, with marketing considerations secondary in seeking registration’. The highest ranked benefits firms had experienced from certification are:

  1. Improved efficiency – 99% reported gaining this benefit
  2. Improved awareness of procedural problems – 95%
  3. Better management control – 95%
  4. Using standard as a promotional tool – 94%
  5. Increasing customer satisfaction – 91%
  6. Improving customer service – 91%
  7. Facilitating elimination of procedural problems – 90%


‘This analysis indicates that the benefits most valued are those related to profitability, the second most valued benefits are those connected with process improvement, the third most valued are the marketing benefits.’

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  • Buttle, F. (1997), ‘ISO 9000: marketing motivations and benefits’, International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, Volume 14, Number. 9, pp 936-947.

Manchester Business School (Buttle)