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Joining IIOC

Joining IIOC

Membership of IIOC is open to international organisations that are active within the global arena of management systems certification. By joining IIOC, you become part of a single, powerful force that is helping to determine the future.

IIOC is a credible, authoritative and trusted voice that helps to revise certifiable standards, specific industry standards and standards that affect supply chain assurance and the environment.

Collective strength

The collective strength of our members ensures effective communication with key decision makers. Our acknowledged global reputation among regulators enables IIOC members to input on the development of certification and assurance standards and markets.

We’re a global organisation whose international network of accredited certification bodies speaks on behalf of the worldwide industry. As well as individual company members, we offer membership to regional and national mangement system certificafion body associations.

IIOC members become part of our culture of transparency, collective governance and shared best practice for the benefit of all members. IIOC’s mission, aims, vision, values and policy objectives underline IIOC’s quality ethic.

Other membership benefits

  • You can shape the future by influencing decisions on key industry issues.
  • You can sit on IIOC committees and the Board.
  • You can vote on IIOC policy decisions.
  • You will be updated about important industry developments.
  • You can interact with like-minded professionals via our forum and other networking channels.
  • You can use the IIOC logo to show you are part of a widely respected organisation.

Influencing standards and accreditation

IIOC sits on the committees of various other organisations and so helps to form policy on new standards, change standards, as well as amend and make new rules on accreditation.

Because such factors affect how certification is delivered, it is vital that the IIOC’s influence is felt, as this ultimately benefits the industry, IIOC members, clients and other stakeholders.

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